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Watch a quick video of the daypack features

That’s the spirit of MyShittyBackpack®!

Let yourself loose the day you write your own review! The best reviews will be featured here.

Thank you all for your heart-felt reviews and congratulations on your awesome sense of humour in these difficult times! We love it that you love your hemp backpacks and that they are useful to you.

“Better than expected” is a common comment...

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How do you use the key organizer?

A few answers here

MyShittyBackpack® is a family business

where all ages bring their own input and suggestions. That’s how we came up with the brand name and the exclusive key-organizer, which is the highlight of this bagpack and is now trademarked.

If you have a good sense of humour, if you like stuff that is durable and comfortable, and pockets, you are at the right place.

This daybag is also made for people who just like timeless bags with strategic organization or who have a ton of keys to manage.

For now, we have only one model - the GoApe backpack - in natural beige but later this year we may be able to come up with another color, and maybe more models. We’ll let you know in a newsletter.

Thank you for visiting!


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