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Another subject related to this backpack is hemp. I chose to have cotton mixed with hemp for more softness and a tight weave. The durability of this material is high.

Despite the light color this backpack does not get dirty easily. I wear it for months before I have to wash it.

This photo shows how the external material of the backpack looks like
This is the outside material of the backpack,
a blend of cotton and hemp that is very durable, breathable and washable.
This photo shows a close-up of the same material, the vertical darker strands being the hemp fibers, and the horizontal lighter colored strands being the cotton fibers
In this close-up photo the cotton strands are the lighter colored ones (horizontal) and the hemp strands are the vertical, darker ones.
First of all, hemp is not marijuana. Hemp is also good for us and nature. It could even be a solution to the current plastic nightmare.
Hemp could also (and hopefully will) be used for storing energy very efficiently, purifiying and regenerating the soil where it grows, etc. 
It was in widespread use in the past, but after forgetting it for so long it is coming back as the plant of the future.


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