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The backpack model I offer is on the smaller side, which is all we need most of the time for daily use or day hikes and short trips. Generally backpacks are too big and we end up loading them up excessively and having to carry around all this useless weight.
MyShittyBackpack fits a 32 ounce (1 liter)  bottle max size, plus a thin sweater, tablet, sandwich, accessory pouch, camera and wallet. A 24 ounce (750 ml) bottle or less is recommended. Why carry more weight than we need to? 

The straps are wide enough considering its size. The body of the bag conforms to your back perfectly. It feels very comfortable to carry just like this. 
It is also suggested to own backpacks in several different sizes, this way if you need to carry more weight than this backpack should take, you can switch to a larger backpack with padded shoulder straps and maybe a sternum strap too.

Experiencing back pain? It may be time to ditch your handbag and switch to an ergonomic bagpack like this one. You might feel a difference in your back right away.

Click here to read an article on how to wear a backpack properly for back pain prevention.

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