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When someone first looks at this backpack, they probably think “Mmm, it looks nice but I don’t see what’s so special about it”. And I agree, from a distance it looks... like a backpack. So, what is it that makes this backpack original?

What makes this backpack unique is the combination of all the following 9 practical characteristics in one single backpack: 

  1. the quick-access key organizer
  2. the natural fiber material: hemp and cotton
  3. the size of the backpack (I find most backpacks too large for daily use)
  4. the nice top handle
  5. the wide adjustable straps
  6. the external water bottle holder
  7. the large smartphone pocket with zipper
  8. the comfortable feel
  9. the washability

What is the one feature I could not find in other backpacks? 

    Mainly, a device to organize my keys in a smart and convenient way and this is the main characteristic that makes this backpack different from others. This feature is now trademarked.
    Some backpacks have a key fob on a very short leash. Usually it is buried inside the main compartment or you have to open a zipper to access it.
      As a mom with two little kids and having to carry many errands bags, it was always a hassle to have to drop everything just to go fumble for my car keys while watching the kids in the parking lot. And then, when reaching home, I would have to repeat the same fumbling business for my house keys. There had to be another way!

      Plus I always tended to forget where my keys were - in the bathroom, in the living room, in the fridge? I got tired of this too.

        My own son came up with a special design that’s simple but works perfectly. Think of a kangaroo pouch for your keys. 

        The leashes are long and elastic and the carabiners rotate so that you don’t have to remove your house keys from the leashes when you are locking/unlocking your doors, all this while the bag remains on your shoulder.  The result is you always know where your car and house keys are and you’ll never forget your keys ever again.

        I use the key leash inside the main compartment to attach my wallet. When I need to use my wallet, I do not have to unhook it from the long leash. That’s a nice detail when you are traveling abroad: your wallet cannot be snatched by a thief if it is tied to your bag. Check the blog post dedicated to the 3 key fobs here.

        this photo shows how the key organizer hangs from the back of the backpack with a set of car keys and a set of house keys

        this photo shows how I am unlocking my gate using the key organizer extended all the way

        this photo shows how the key organizer looks when it is put away inside the kangaroo pouch at the back of the backpack. The side vertical zipper is for the smartphone

        Maybe the world is heading away from plastics in general, at least that’s what I hope, and if such is the trend going to be, a backpack that’s not made from plastic (= polyester, nylon, etc.) would be inherently different since natural fibers are not commonly used in backpacks. The blog post on hemp is here.

        This photo shows a close-up of the hemp/cotton material. The vertical strands are the darker hemp strands, and the horizontal strands are the lighter colored cotton strands

        Another feature that is not easy to find in other backpacks is a good size. In my humble opinion, most backpacks are too large for what we do on a daily basis and we end up carrying too much weight and bulk on our backs, unnecessarily. So I really focused on the right size for daily use, day trips and short hikes so that we keep things to minimal and the load remains light.

        I am ringing the bell at a front door. I am wearing a beige outfit with my beige backpack. I am the beige lady!

        My backpack is 9 litres, a perfect size for day use.

        Another thing that has to be present is a nice top handle. I owned nice backpacks that did not have this feature and guess what, where the heck do you set your backpack in public bathrooms? On the floor? With a nice grab handle you can hang your backpack to the hook on the door. It’s a detail, but it matters when you travel.

          The backpack is hanging from a table by a hook. The top handle is hung from this hook.

          In restaurants, I hang my backpack this way, in between my knees
          so that nobody can snatch it.

          Another feature that I do not like in some backpacks is that anybody can open the zippers in your back without you noticing it. Unless you have locks on your zippers, this is terrible. So I chose the flap-type design, which is more secure.

          Backpack is set on a wood table with a straw hat on top of it. A colorful coffee mug is next to it and some flowers are in the background.

          Straps have to be wide and fully adjustable and there has to be a real water bottle carrier for hikes and walks.

            This shows the back of the backpack: one side zipper pocket is the cellphone pocket, then in the middle is the kangaroo pouch with the key organizer put away in it, and on the other side the water bottle carrier is holding a water bottle

            I also wanted to never have to look for my smartphone. The phone pocket had to be easy to access but discrete, and large enough for all smartphone sizes and for my earphones to also fit in it. 

              Side zipper pocket for smartphone and earphones  

              This backpack is so comfortable to wear that I forget I am wearing it.

              The beige hemp backpack is worn by a woman in a desert. It looks comfortable to wear.

              And a backpack has to be washable, at least by hand. 

                  This shows how I let my backpack hang dry in the air after I wash it by hand

                  All in all, many of the features of this backpack can be found in other backpacks commonly, but having all of them in one backpack together with the unique key leash device is what makes this backpack unique.

                  Thanks for reading this post.

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