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This is us on the malecon of La Paz.
Welcome to our backpack family. We are a French/American family and we live in La Paz, Baja, Mexico, a beautiful place with wonderful beaches and warm (or hot!) weather all year. You may detect some French accent in this post. We travelled a lot with our two younger kids in different countries on different continents, among which Ecuador stands out.
They both attended public school in Vilcabamba, a small village in the South of Ecuador, for 1.5 years and got to learn Spanish and a very different culture at a young age. Our two older sons live in Europe. Our complete travel blog since 2011 is here.
This is me (Christelle) with my older sons.
MyShittyBackpack™ is a very recent family business where all of us contribute motivation, ideas, suggestions regardless of their age. Even grandma loves this backpack and is helping out.
Backpack love story: I had been looking for the perfect backpack on line and in stores for 15 years. 
I needed a very practical backpack that would:

  • organize my keys and cellphone perfectly,
  • be nice looking,
  • very comfortable to wear,
  • reliable and classy enough for everyday use in town,
  • durable for travel,
  • breathable and non sweaty for hikes, horse rides, bike rides,
  • low profile and inconspicuous so that I can carry valuable electronics without attracting attention,
  • plus unisex, in natural fibers and washable 😅.
That’s a ton of requirements. Some quality brands came close to fulfill them but not close enough. Maybe you've been looking for something like this too.
horse riding wearing the hemp multi pocket backpack, very nice feeling
First backpack sample on a mule ride in Baja.
The model has seen a few improvements since then.

Tired of the search I finally came up with my own design 3 years ago and had it hand woven by master weavers in Oaxaca, Mexico 😱. What came out is an amazing handmade backpack that is for sale on a different website with the Hazaña model name. It's not this backpack here.
Our kids are also models for MyShittyBackpack™
In 09/2019 I decided to have the exact same model made industrially in hemp and cotton in China. It’s this backpack. All in all this design ripened in my head for 15 years and came to completion recently. It is now available at a very reasonable price. Click here if you wish to see the backpack. 
our family of 7 including Stéphanie, Hadrien's wife.
This is all of us.
This website is also about spreading the word on the extraordinary plant that is hemp. It is the plant of the future and I really love it, much more so than cotton or wool. We should really switch to hemp for many of our daily needs like paper, clothing, accessories and even for industrial purposes. Check my other blog post on hemp.

Our aim in this company: to be as transparent as possible, keep a close relationship with our very cool customers (we find them truly amazing) and maintain good quality control over manufacturing so that the product we offer is as nice as it can get.  It's almost as if this business involved more than just us personally. 
There are other blog posts concerning the brand name 😂 and the little blue guy on the logo. Many people already told us that they really like both.

Anybody is very welcome to communicate with us on any subject, business-related or not. Click here if you wish to contact me privately, or leave a public comment below.
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