5 pocket hemp/cotton backpack wash instructions – MyShittyBackpack™

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    Although the color of this backpack is a light beige, it does not get dirty fast. I wore mine for months before I had to wash it. To remove any cannabis smell, add one cup of white vinegar in the wash and if needed another cup in the last rinse water.
  • DO NOT USE WASHER. Place backpack in a pan of cold water with regular laundry detergent and one cup of white vinegar, and swish around gently. Soap up stains or dirty areas by hand with laundry soap. DO NOT USE BLEACH OR HARSH DETERGENTS. 
    Do not leave the backpack to soak for a long time as this would remove the water repellency.
        • Immediately rinse with cold water until there are no more suds. 2 or 3 rinses should be enough. Empty bucket between rinses. 

        • Hang to dry in the shade. DO NOT USE DRYER.

          • If needed, iron on highest setting with steam, insisting on the edges of the flap.