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You too can be an influencer. 
No experience necessary and no fees. 
This is entirely free.

  • In just a few clicks, immediately earn 5% or 10% off discounts for yourself .
  • By sharing a personalized link, get 6 people to buy a MyShittyBackpack with a 10% off discount and you earn a free MyShittyBackpack™ with free standard shipping worldwide!
  • Or get 8 people to buy a MyShittyBackpack with a 10% discount and earn a free MyShittyBackpack™ + free FEDEX shipping.
  • Get extra puffs by reviewing your product on the website.

It is extremely simple to participate and anyone can enter.

All you need to have is one Facebook and/or Instagram and/or Twitter account.

There is no minimal number of followers required.

To start, click on the blue “YOUR PUFFS” button on the right side of the screen ⇨⇨

1. Click on "HOW TO EARN" in the blue widget and choose some of the fast and easy actions suggested in order to reach your own 5% or 10% discount right away. Puffs are points.
    You can share again on Twitter and Facebook once a month and collect the puffs every time.
    2. Copy and share a personalized product link with your friends, family and followers and automatically give them a 10% discount on a MyShittyBackpack purchase. Get 6 people to buy a backpack at a discounted price and you’ll get one for free with free shipping!

      This is how to proceed (it takes 2 minutes total):

        • Inside the "Your puffs" blue widget, scroll down to the "Get 10% off this hemp/cotton backpack when you use my link!" section and click on "Join now!". You will be asked to log in or create an account. See short video below.
        • Once you are logged in or your account is created, click on the blue widget again and click on the "copy" button.  By doing this, you are copying the link that you will share.
        • You can then share your personalized link:
      - by email (do not put the copied link in the header, it won't be clickable),
      - on your social media (including your IG profile link),
      - in instant messages,
      - on your blogs,

      by pasting the link you copied (use "Ctrl V" on your keyboard or "paste" by right-clicking on your mouse). 

      Before you share you link, make sure that it is clickable (FB/IG stories may not be clickable, and Instagram post captions are not clickable) otherwise your referrers won't be able to use it.

      That's it! Your puffs linked to the sales happening from your link will be tracked automatically.

      Later on, you can go back to the "Your puffs" widget on the MyShittyBackpack website, sign in and copy the link again as many times as you want and share it in new posts.

      The more times you share it, the greater your chances are to get a reward. You will start getting puffs as soon as your link provides sales on the MyShittyBackpack website.

      3. 60 days after a purchase, you will receive a review email. You can also earn puffs by leaving a product review. You will get 300 puffs for a text review, 500 puffs for a photo review and 1,000 puffs for a video review. We will manually add the puffs to your ambassador account as soon as we see your product review.

      4. The VIP program is automatic, you do not have to do anything. You are automatically given a certain number of extra puffs when your link brings certain numbers of sales at MyShittyBackpack™.

        After you join a program, you will receive your puff updates and coupon codes by email and you will be able to redeem your coupons on the MyShittyBackpack website.

        You will be able to use only one coupon code at a time. Discount coupons do not expire.

        The following quick video shows how to copy the ambassador link for sharing it:

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