SHIPPING POLICY – MyShittyBackpack™

Due to the global events, standard FREE shipping is not available at this time. Only option left is Express.


We ship worldwide except Egypt, Guatemala, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Cuba, Sudan and Crimea regions.

We offer exclusively Express shipping at this time.

  • The EXPRESS (FedEx or UPS) worldwide upgrade is $US 20 at checkout. 

Packages are shipped from our warehouse in China.

We do not ship to countries where isolation is enforced.


  • EXPRESS worldwide (FedEx or UPS): 10 days at your door
  • Standard free shipping (ePacket-EMS): N/A
    - USA-Canada: 10-12 days
    - Europe: 2-3 weeks
    - Asia: 1-2 weeks
    - Other continents: 4-5 weeks

      How do I track my shipment?

      • Standard free shipping (ePacket) tracking numbers look like this: LW407779845CN, with different numbers or letters.  
      • FedEx tracking numbers look like this: 389375246329, with different numbers. 
      • UPS tracking numbers look like this: 1Z6E719X1591505282, with different numbers or letters.

      After your order ships, you will receive a notification email with a tracking number and you can follow your package on the internet. This is how to proceed:

      • If you ordered by STANDARD free shipping (ePacket), your tracking number will look like this: LW407779845CN, with different numbers or letters. Go to and enter the tracking number you received in the email then click on "Track". You may have to go back a couple of days later if the tracking info is not available right away.
        • If you ordered by EXPRESS and your tracking number looks like this: 1Z6E719X1591505282 with different letters or numbers, go to and enter your tracking number in the field above "Track" then click on "Track".
        • If you ordered by EXPRESS and your tracking number looks like this: 148405086104 with different numbers, go to: and enter your tracking number then click on "Track". You can also schedule delivery at a convenient time for you while you are on their website.

        If you can't find your notification email, go to our website and sign in if you created an account at the time of ordering. You will find the tracking number in your information.

        If you did not create an account contact us at with your order number and name and we will assist you.

        Wrong address disclaimer
        It is the responsibility of the buyer to make sure that the shipping address is entered correctly at check-out.  If you entered the wrong shipping address at check-out, please contact us right away at with your order number and name, or simply respond to the order confirmation email you received.

        MyShittyBackpack™ shall not be liable for delays and/or failures in delivery if we cannot gain access to the property. If the parcel is shipped with the incorrect address the courier may not accept an address change. If the parcel is returned and the buyer requests to reship the parcel additional shipping fees will be applied.

        What happens if I refuse a package
        If you refuse a shipment from MyShittyBackpack, you are responsible for the original shipping charges, any import taxes that may have been incurred on the package, and the cost of returning the package to MyShittyBackpack

        What if my package has been damaged during shipment?
        Every effort has been made to ensure that your order will arrive safely after it is shipped. Please check your shipment thoroughly upon receipt for any damage. In case of damage to your product, immediately notify the carrier.

        Will I have to pay any import taxes?
        So far there have never been any import taxes levied on our packages. In case of doubt, check your country regulations on line. Any import/duty taxes are not refundable par MyShittyBackpack.