TRACKING INFO – MyShittyBackpack®

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A few days after you order, you will most likely receive a notification email with a tracking number and you can follow your package on the internet by clicking on the link provided. Some customers have received their backpacks before they received the tracking number!

Another way to proceed is to go directly to the shipping company website and enter the tracking number you received by email:
  • If you ordered by EXPRESS and your tracking number looks like this: 1Z6E719X1591505282 with different letters or numbers, go to and enter your tracking number in the field next to "Track" then click on "Track".
  • If you ordered by EXPRESS and your tracking number looks like this: 148405086104 with different numbers, go to: and enter your tracking number then click on "Track". While you are on their website, you can also schedule delivery at a time that’s convenient for you.

    If you can't find your notification email, go to our website and sign in if you created an account at the time of ordering. You will find the tracking number in your information.

    If you did not create an account contact us at with your order number and name and we will assist you.

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