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Wholesale 10 (ten) beige GoApe hemp/cotton backpacks
Wholesale 10 (ten) beige GoApe hemp/cotton backpacks
Backpack is shown from above with the flap open, showing the main compartment and the large zipper pocket in the front.
Photo showing the inside of the main compartment, with the black lining, the zipper pocket at the top and the coin pouch hooked to the leash.
Wholesale 10 (ten) beige GoApe hemp/cotton backpacks
Wholesale 10 (ten) beige GoApe hemp/cotton backpacks
Wholesale 10 (ten) beige GoApe hemp/cotton backpacks
Wholesale 10 (ten) beige GoApe hemp/cotton backpacks
Wholesale 10 (ten) beige GoApe hemp/cotton backpacks
Wholesale 10 (ten) beige GoApe hemp/cotton backpacks

Wholesale 10 (ten) beige GoApe hemp/cotton backpacks

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Everyday comfortable backpack for everyone. Get 10 quality hemp backpacks in one shipping box with our wholesale offer.


  • Quality and durability.¬†The material, seams, zippers, metal parts and lining are meant to last a long time under normal use conditions. Despite the light color, I was surprised to find out that this backpack does not get dirty easily.
  • 9 litre capacity: not too big, not too small for an everyday bag. This¬†backbag holds¬†what¬†you need for the day without being bulky.

A woman wearing a beige cotton outfit is wearing the backpack in front of a house.

  • The breathable and¬†comfortable feel¬†(exterior 55% hemp/45% cotton blend) makes it appropriate even in hot desert climates. In fact¬†it is highly recommended for desert climates since it is breathable and does not get damaged by sand.
  • The water-resistant cotton lining makes this bag weather-resistant.
  • The flap closes¬†by 4 strong hidden¬†magnets. Your backpack¬†¬†will stay closed at all times with¬†up to¬†17 pounds (8 kg) of weight inside it. That‚Äôs a lot of books!

Photo showing the 4 invisible magnets sewn on the flap and the body of the backpack.

  • The nice top handle allows you to grab your backpack or hang it from hooks.
A young woman is walking in the street while holding the backpack by the top handle. A mural is in the background.

  • 1.5"/4 cm wide¬†adjustable straps. The maximum¬†usable length of straps is 80 cm/31.5 inches.¬†Shortest usable length of straps is 50 cm/20 inches.

  • The side¬†cellphone pocket with zipper¬†accomodates¬†ALL smartphone sizes plus your earbuds.

Photo showing the side zipper pocket open with a smartphone and earbud case in it.

  • The external¬†umbrella/water bottle¬†holder¬†has an elasticized top for a secure fit around your bottle. It fits a bottle no bigger than 32 ounce/1 liter capacity with a 2.7‚ÄĚ/7 cm maximum diameter.

Please do not put any valuable items like a wallet or cellphone in the side water bottle holder because it is not secured at the top.

  • The external key organizer¬†in the back has 2 independent elastic¬†key leashes¬†for clipping¬†your keys, wallet or USB. Never worry about forgetting or misplacing¬†your keys again! This device is trademarked.

A woman is showing how to use the key organizer by locking a door using it.

Never unclip your house keys to open/lock your doors and you will always know where they are and you will never forget them either. More information on how to use this exclusive key organizer.

View of the back of the backpack with the size zipper pocket closed up. 

This bag is designed so that you do not feel the keys in your back.

The back pocket with the key organizer is efficient only if you wear your backpack well adjusted. If you wear your backpack too loose on your back then anybody can slip a hand in the back pocket and take your stuff without you knowing.
  • All backpacks come¬†with a¬†detachable card/cash pouch.
  • Internal zipper pocket¬†for your passport or accessories.
  • Lightweight (1.2 lb, 560 g)¬†and comfortable to wear.
  • Unisex.
  • Vegan-friendly.


External dimensions: 14.1" tall x 13" wide x 2" deep

(36 cm tall x 33 cm wide x 5 cm deep).

Usable internal dimensions: 11‚ÄĚ tall x 9.8‚ÄĚ wide x 2‚ÄĚ deep (28 cm tall x 25 cm wide x 5 cm deep). These internal dimensions allow¬†for¬†the space needed to cinch the bag at the top. If you do not cinch your bag at the top then more of the bag width and height will become usable.

Check blog post ‚ÄúHow much fits in this backpack‚ÄĚ for more info. It will fit an electronic device up to 13.5" total diameter including¬†the protective case. This is a medium size backpack, not a¬†large backpack.

Because this backpack is not padded, it is recommended your customers always carry their electronics inside a protective case.


Shipping costs by Express for 10 backpacks:

      US$ 65 to Europe-UK (about ‚ā¨ 57, ¬£ 51)
      US$ 75 to Singapore (about SGD 102)
      US$ 85 to USA
      US$ 125 to Canada (about CAD 167)
      US$ 100 to Australia (about 138 AUD)
      US$ 110 to Greece
      US$ 250 to South America

      Express covers DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, etc. This is the only shipping method available at this time. Backpacks ship directly from the warehouse in China.

      The bags will be shipped to the shipping address you will enter. The shipping address can be the same as the billing address or different. The billing address is the address your bank has for your account. 

      If you would like to buy 10 backpacks and you do not see your country shipping price at checkout, please contact me by the ¬ę Message Us ¬Ľ button or at contact@myshittybackpack.com or use the Contact Us tab at the top of the page, and I will quote you a shipping price.

      If you need larger quantities or if you need to know what is the shipping cost to a country not listed above, or for any other questions, feel free to contact me. I’ll be happy to answer all your questions.

      Delivery time worldwide: 1-2 weeks from ordering.


      As an everyday bagpack in town for running errands, going to the gym, to the coffee shop, commuting on your bike or walking your dog, and as a day trip bag to go on short hikes or to the beach!

      Because this backpack is not padded, it is recommended to always carry electronics inside a protective pouch.


      Wash by hand. No dryer. Complete care instructions.


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