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GoApe™ Multi pocket cotton/hemp backpack
This shows what’s under the flap, on the front of the backpack. there is a zipped pocket for a large wallet. On the side is the water bottle holder. The bag closes by a cinch.
This shows the inside of the main compartment. there is a zipped pocket at the back top perfect for valuables like a passport. On one side there is a leash. A small wallet is hooked to this leash.
This shows the Kangaroo pouch on the back and the water bottle holder on the side of the backpack.
This shows two sets of keys independently hooked to the key organizer in the kangaroo pouch. i use one hook for my car keys and the other for my house keys. This way I always know where they are and I never look for them.
This shows the inside of the kangaroo pouch with the keys in it. We do not feel any bulge in the back when wearing the backpack
This shows how the key organizer looks once it is back in the kangaroo pouch. on one side of the backpack there is a vertical zipped pocket intended for all smartphone sizes plus earbuds. This way you always know where your phone is and it is easy to reach for you.
GoApe™ Multi pocket cotton/hemp backpack
GoApe™ Multi pocket cotton/hemp backpack
GoApe™ Multi pocket cotton/hemp backpack
GoApe™ Multi pocket cotton/hemp backpack
GoApe™ Multi pocket cotton/hemp backpack

GoApe™ Multi pocket cotton/hemp backpack

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I created this quality backpack for those who are looking for a practical, durable and comfortable bag for daily use and for those who tend to forget or lose their keys, or have a large quantity of keys to manage.

Customers especially love the quick-access key organizer as it is very convenient and brings them peace of mind.

Express shipping cost for one backpack to most countries worldwide (arrives in 1-2 weeks): US$ 19.90 at checkout (approximately € 18, £ 16, CAD 28, MXN$ 450, PLN 78).

External dimensions: 14.1" tall x 13" wide x 2" deep
(36 cm tall x 33 cm wide x 5 cm deep).

Usable internal dimensions: 11” tall x 9.8” wide x 2” deep (28 cm tall x 25 cm wide x 5 cm deep). These internal dimensions allow for the space needed to cinch the bag at the top. If you do not cinch your bag at the top then more of the bag width and height will become usable. For more info check the blog post “What fits in this backpack”.

This is a medium size backpack. It will fit an electronic device up to 13.5" total diameter with the protective case on. If you are looking for a large backpack, this is not it.


  • Quality and durability. The material, seams, zippers, metal parts and lining are meant to last a long time under normal use conditions. Despite the light color, I was surprised to find out that this backpack does not get dirty easily.
  • 9 litre capacity: not too big, not too small for an everyday bag. This backbag holds what you need for the day without being bulky.

I am wearing my Mexican dark indigo dress and my beige backpack, standing on the sidewalk
  • The breathable and comfortable feel (exterior 55% hemp/45% cotton blend) makes it appropriate even in hot desert climates. In fact it is highly recommended for desert climates since it is breathable and does not get damaged by sand.
  • The water-resistant cotton lining makes this bag weather-resistant.
  • The flap closes by 4 strong hidden magnets. Your backpack  will stay closed at all times with up to 17 pounds (8 kg) of weight inside it. That’s a lot of books!

This shows the four large magnets that close the flap

  • The nice top handle allows you to grab your backpack or hang it from hooks.
My daughter is holding walking On a sidewalk holding the backpack by the handle. There is street art on the wall next to her.

  • 1.5"/4 cm wide adjustable straps. The maximum usable length of straps is 80 cm/31.5 inches. Shortest usable length of straps is 50 cm/20 inches.

  • The side cellphone pocket with zipper accomodates ALL smartphone sizes plus your earbuds.

The backpack is set on a wood table in the front yard. It shows the back side of it with the cellophane pocket and kangaroo pouch

  • The external umbrella/water bottle holder has an elasticized top for a secure fit around your bottle. It fits a bottle no bigger than 32 ounce/1 liter capacity with a 2.7”/7 cm maximum diameter.

Please do not put any valuable items like a wallet or cellphone in the side water bottle holder because it is not secured at the top.

  • The external key organizer in the back has 2 independent elastic key leashes for clipping your keys, wallet or USB. Never worry about forgetting or misplacing your keys again!

    Watch how I use the key organizer on this video:

    I am opening a door using the long elastic key leash with the key still clipped on it

    Never unclip the keys to open/lock your doors and you will always know where your keys are.

    Another view of the back of the backpack, with the water bottle in the water bottle holder

    This bag is designed so that you do not feel the keys in your back.

    The back pocket with the key organizer is efficient only if you wear your backpack well adjusted. If you wear your backpack too loose on your back then anybody can slip a hand in the back pocket and take your stuff without you knowing.

    • All backpacks come with a detachable card/cash pouch.
    • Internal zipper pocket for your passport or accessories.
    • Lightweight (1.2 lb, 560 g) and comfortable to wear.
    • Hand washable.
    • Unisex.
    • Vegan-friendly.


    As an everyday bagpack in town for running errands, going to the gym, to the coffee shop, commuting on your bike or walking your dog, and as a day trip bag to go on short hikes or to the beach!


    Place backpack in a pan of cold water with regular laundry detergent. Smokers can add a cup of white vinegar (optional, but this will remove any cannabis/tobacco smell) at this stage. Swish around gently. Gently rub stains or dirty areas by hand with laundry soap. No bleach or harsh detergents. Do not use washer. 

    It is recommended to not leave the backpack soaking for a long time as this would damage the water repellency.

    Rinse with cold water 2 or 3 times, or until there are no more suds. Change water in the bucket between rinses. 

    Hang to dry in the shade. NO DRYER.

    Optionally, iron on maximum steam and heat, insisting on the edges of the flap so that it looks really flat. You can iron all the parts of the backpack if you want to. Complete care instructions are here.


    If you are not pleased with your backpack, contact us within 15 days of receiving it and we will offer you a hassle-free exchange or refund (check our Exchange/Return policy for more details).









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